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Fabric dyeing process with Reactive Dye -3 (Last part)

Fabric dyeing/coloration process with ” Reactive Dye “ Criteria of cellulose for attaching Reactive dye: Chemical structure of cellulose molecule: Glucose unit Each glucose unit contains one primary hydroxyl group (-CH2OH) and two secondary hydroxyl groups (-CHOH) Primary hydroxyl group (-CH2OH) at C6 position is more reactive than the secondary hydroxyl groups at C2  and […]

Fabric dyeing/coloration process with Reactive Dye -2

More description about Reactive dye is given below: Classification of Reactive Dye   1) On the Basis of Reactive Group: Two types A) Halogenated heterocycles: a) Triainegroup b)Pyrimidine c) Quinoxaline B) Activated Vinyl compounds:   a) Vinyl Sulphone (D-SO2-CH2-CH2-) Example: Ramazol b) Vinyl Sulphonamide (D-SO2-NH-CH2-CH2-) Example: Levafix c) Vinyl acrylamide (D-NH-CO-CH2-CH2-) Example: Primazine   2) […]

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