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SSC Rescrutiny Process 2016 and Result | All Board

ssc rescrutiny process 2016 of all board: SSC result was pulished on 11 May 2016. SSC exam started on 1st February and ends up 11 march 2016. Total number of examinee were 16 lakh 51 thousand and 523. The percentage of passed students is 88.70%. GPA-5 gets 96,769 students. In previous year this number was 93,631. Some students do not get their desired result which they hope. They can challenge their result or ssc khata challenge. This is also called ssc rescrutiny result process. You can apply to challenge one or more subject. The ssc rescrutiny result will be avaiblable within one month after apply. You get details information about ssc rescrutiny process 2016 of all board below ( ssc rescrutiny 2016 process, ssc rescrutiny apply process 2016, ssc result rescrutiny process ):

SSC Rescrutiny Process 2016 and Result | All Board

ssc rescrutiny process 2016

ssc rescrutiny process 2016In this year the number of girls student is more than boys student. For this girls are also ahead in the percentage of passed students. The passed percentage of boys is 77% and girls is 88.64%. But boys student get more GPA 5 than girls student. Boys student get 49,710 GPA 5 and girls student get 47,059 GPA 5. The percentage of passed students in Dhaka board is 88.67%.Half of the total number of GPA 5 were obtained by Dhaka board. The result of SSC was published within 57 days after exam end.

SSC Rescrutiny Process 2016 | All Board Rescrutiny Result has Published

SSC Khata Challenge Result 2016 has published. To get your SSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 please click on the link below and give your roll, board name, passing year like ssc result. Your ssc khata challenge result online process is same as ssc result.

See the below Demo image of Dhaka Board Rescrutiny Result. Click on the above link to download the full pdf file. This is the only list of changed result. If you dont find your roll in the list that means your result is same as before, no change in your result.

ssc khata challenge apply process 2016 and result

From your Teletalk prepaid mobile go to message option for ssc rescrutiny process 2016. Then type RSC Space First three letters of your board Space your roll number space subject code then send to 16222.You need to have 125 taka in mobile per subject fee. In reply sms you get the amount of fee which will be deducted and a pin number. If you agree type RSC space yes space pin number space contact number then send to 16222. You can apply more than one subject in a sms. You need to add comma (,) within subjects code.

ssc rescrutiny process 2016

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