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English first paper SSC suggestion 2016

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 : SSC  exam 2016 has started from 1st February 2016. Already bangla first paper and bangla 2nd paper exam had finished. Now students will attend in English exam. There are two parts in English subject. One is English first paper and another is English second paper. Here we give you a short suggession of ssc English 1st paper or ssc English 1st paper suggession or English first paper suggession for ssc exam 2016. Please read other topic for good result.

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 (Reading Test -Similar Passage)


Long ago, a young man (U-1, L-1)
To be a good citizen ( U-1, L-2)
A responsibility is a duty ( U-1, L-4)
May Day or International ( U-3, L-2)
21 February is a memorable(U-3,L-)
26 March, our Independence-3,L-5)
Today there many jobs ( U-4, L-5)
Meherjan lives in a slum ( U-5, L-1)
Bangladesh is now apparently(5, -2)
Human can neither change U-5, L-3)
Nepal, the land of Everest( U-6, L-1)
India is our closest ( U-6, L-4)
The pioneer of Bangladesh(U-7, L-1)
It was Autumn, August 26 (U-7, L-4)
Mother Teresa was moved U-7, L-6)
The Shat Gambuj Mosque (U-8, L-1)
The Somopura Mahoishara U-8, L-2)
The Statue of Liberty( U-8, L-3)
Pritilata was born ( U-10, L-3)
Zahir Rahan was ( U-10, L-4)
Eid is the main ( U-12, L-1)
Michael Madhusudan ( U-12, L-3)
The advantage of Internet U-13, L-2)

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 (Writing Paragraphs -1st & 2nd Paper)


May day
A rickshaw puller
Environmental pollution
A tea stall
Life of a farmer
A street beggar
Load shedding
Our school library
Our national flag
Our School magazine
A street hawker
Mobile phone
Tree plantation
Climate change
A book fair that you visited
A bus stand
Eve teasing
Food adulteration
A winter morning
An ideal student
Price hike

We are not responsible for your result. Please read and practice whole syllabus for good result in english first paper. We only try to help you little bit by giving a good english first paper ssc suggestion 2016 only.


English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 (Story Writing)


Unity is strength
Slow and steady wins the race
A friend in need is friend indeed
Result of telling lie/A liar shephered
Devotion to mother
Grasp all lose all/a greedy man’s tale
A fox without a tail
The crow and the jar
A thirsty crow and a clever fox
Hidden treasure
The lion and the mouse
A spider inspires a king
The honest wood cutter
Sheikh Saadi and prestige of dress
Who is to bell the Cat
The golden touch

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 (Describing graphs & charts)

Elderly people’s changing attitude to pastimes in a community
Average temperature of the year in Bangladesh
Population growth rate of Bangladesh
World population regarding different religion
Month wise attendance of Student
Enrollment of students at a school
Collection of songs of a student
The source of air pollution in different cities
Literacy rate of Bangladesh in different years
Choice of professions among a group of students
Time allocation of students’ daily activities
Students and their choice of professions
Types of books in a library
The passing rate of SSC Exam in different Subjects/Years
Number of Mobile phone users
Number of Internet users
A family’s household income distributed into different categories

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016 Informal Letter

Thanking for sending a nice gift/present
Telling him how to improve English
Describing a study tour/excursion/picnic/describing a historical interest.
Informing the procedures of opening a bank account.
Telling him about your preparation for the SSC Exam/about your progress of studies
Congratulating on brilliant success
Thanking for hospitality
Describing the annual prize-giving ceremony/co-curricular activities in your school
About your intention after SSC Exam
About the importance of reading newspaper
Consoling at the sudden death of his father
Describing a street accident that you witnessed
Advising him not to adopt unfair means in the examination hall
Advising him not to smoke/bad habit of smoking

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between you and-
your friend about the merits and demerits of mobile phone.
your friend about the importance of learning English.
your friend on the necessity of reading newspaper.
your friend about the importance of tree plantation
the headmaster on the basis of issuing a transfer certificate.
a doctor on your suffering from fever/physical problem.
a librarian on borrowing book from the library.
your friend on an exciting cricket match.
your friend about the benefit of early rising.
your friend the bad effect of smoking.
your friend about the importance of learning computer.
the bank Manager for opening an account.
you friend regarding advantages and disadvantages of village & city life.
your friend about bad effect of strike/hartal.
your friend about aim in life.

English first paper SSC suggestion 2016

Please read your whole syllabus to cut a good result in this subject. Practice is a good factor to do well in english subject. Try to increase your creative writing and reduce the grammatical mistakes. Hope that you will do your best in this exam. Best of luck. You visited here for english first paper ssc suggession 2016, eng 1st paper suggession 2016, english suggession, english question out 2016, english first paper ssc suggestion 2016, question of english 2016, suggession of english first paper 2016, ssc english first paper suggession, english 1st paper suggession of ssc 2016 exam.

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