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BRAC Bank Job Circular 2016

brac bank job circular 2016

BRAC Bank Job Circular 2016 has been published. BRAC Bank is one of the best commercial and faster bank in Bangladesh. BRAC Bank has been published Job, Business Applications Management & Relations Technology Division and Manager, Internal Control & Compliance Risk Management Division. BRAC Bank support it continues business growth. BRAC Bank is currently looking […]

Sulphur Dye and it’s dyeing process with fabric -1

sulpher dye

Why Sulphur dye is so called? The dyes are so called as they contain Sulpher linkage within their molecular structure but dissolve in a solution of Na-sulphide which acts as a reducing agent, breaking the Sulpher linkage and converting the molecules into simpler components which are soluble in water and substantive toward cellulose. Dye-S-S-Dye Water […]

Fabric dyeing process with Reactive Dye -3 (Last part)

Fabric dyeing/coloration process with ” Reactive Dye “ Criteria of cellulose for attaching Reactive dye: Chemical structure of cellulose molecule: Glucose unit Each glucose unit contains one primary hydroxyl group (-CH2OH) and two secondary hydroxyl groups (-CHOH) Primary hydroxyl group (-CH2OH) at C6 position is more reactive than the secondary hydroxyl groups at C2  and […]

Fabric dyeing/coloration process with Reactive Dye -2

More description about Reactive dye is given below: Classification of Reactive Dye   1) On the Basis of Reactive Group: Two types A) Halogenated heterocycles: a) Triainegroup b)Pyrimidine c) Quinoxaline B) Activated Vinyl compounds:   a) Vinyl Sulphone (D-SO2-CH2-CH2-) Example: Ramazol b) Vinyl Sulphonamide (D-SO2-NH-CH2-CH2-) Example: Levafix c) Vinyl acrylamide (D-NH-CO-CH2-CH2-) Example: Primazine   2) […]

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